Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kids just don't know how good they have it

After reading Cerpts post about songs that remind you of summer got me thinking about my younger years. And how hearing some songs brings up long lost memories. Growing up in the 60's. there are so many songs connected to memories. Every time I hear Satisfaction - Rolling Stones, I think about going to Olympia Lake (in Delran, NJ) and in the summer of 65 or 66 that song was blasting from the pavilion constantly!! And of course the parents hated the Stones, cause they were singing about spending the night together, while the Beatles only wanted to hold your hand.
But then the memories drift to warm summer evenings, playing tag and red rover til it got dark (be home by the time the street lights come on!), catching fireflies in a mayonnaise jar (and being very upset the next day that they were dead even tho you put leaves in for them to eat), chasing the Mister Softee truck (cause nothing says summer more than having ice cream melting all over you) and finally falling asleep on a lounge chair on the patio because it was too hot to sleep upstairs and waking up shivering in the morning, ready to plan another day of Summer fun.


Cheekies said...

You sentimental so and so. But that's why I loves ya. I have a funny firefly story. One time I was driving in the summer and I hit a lightning bug while it was lit and it stayed lit for the whole ride home.

Cerpts said...

There isn't a person alive who can call a Firefly an upstart. The Mayflower was FULL of Firelys. And a few horseflies, too. The Fireflys were on the upper deck and the horseflies were on the Fireflys.

Cerpts said...

Forget? You ask me to forget? A Firefly never forgets. Why, my ancestors would rise from their graves, and I'd only have to bury them again. Nothing doing. I'm going back and clean the crackers out of my bed; I'm expecting company.