Monday, October 24, 2011

One Month Follow Up with Doctor

Today was the day for the follow up visit after my knee replacement. It started with X-Rays of my surgical knee. Then a short wait to be called back to the office.
While waiting in the office we could see the seated view of my knees on the computer screen. Chris decided to see if he could see the other views... Success!! Wow the replaced knee looks crazy!! Also realize how BAD my other leg/knee is! Badly bowed and bone on bone.
I saw Fabio's assistant, Jason. He said that the X-Rays looked perfect, the incision looked good. When he bent my leg he was surprised that I could bend it as far as I can. Approximately 110 degrees, and they are happy with 90 degrees at 6 weeks. So I am far ahead of schedule! He explained the slight click that I noticed is the tab on the inside of my knee cap. Very normal, no concern... Yay! Also he wrote a prescription for a month of physical therapy.
So then on to the very important question.... When are we doing the right knee. I told him I am ready now! So Fabio came in, we talked and he agreed... as soon as possible! After seeing Tracey (Fabio's nurse) and Laura ( the scheduler) my right knee will be replaced on November 22. Yes I will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Guess I will have to talk everyone into coming over the Sunday before to celebrate!

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