Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Road Back

I would be lying if I said the ride home was easy.... every pot hole and bump in the road made my leg bounce and the percosets couldn't mask the pain. But we made it home in just over an hour, and I was delighted to be there!!
I stayed downstairs in the living room, walker and bottle of percosets always close by. That night was a blur, but do remember thinking that it was good that the dogs were still at the kennel. The cats were curious enough about my knee, both vying for my attention.
With the dawning of Monday began the parade of home health workers into my life. Wendy the visiting nurse came and checked my incision and checked me over. Also began the twice weekly blood draw to check the level of coumadin in my blood system. Still sleeping a lot, Chris went out shopping, got a shower seat, ice packs and ordered a recliner.
Tuesday brought the physical therapist. He made me go upstairs, checked to see if I could get in the shower and watched me use my walker. Went over the easy exercises I was doing and checked my balance by making me stand on one leg with my eyes closed.
Pups came home late that day... right after the recliner arrived. They sure were curious about my knee, but seemed more excited about the recliner that they seemed to feel was gotten for them!
Wednesday thankfully no visitors. Days still a bit of a blur, but getting around a little better. Got upstairs and took a shower..., YAY!
Thursday had a different nurse who was horrible at drawing blood, but fortunately next week Mobile Lab would be doing it. Also had PT in the afternoon. He stretched and bent my knee, was surprised that it didn't hurt that much. But he added 3 standing exercises. Calf lifts, knee lifts and side leg lift. All to be done at the kitchen sink, twice a day.
Later that day Chris' family stopped by to see how I was doing. They are so cute, I love his family!!
The rest of the week was uneventful.... just working at getting stronger!

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