Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 1 on Chantix

Started taking Chantix today. This is forcing me to create new habits that should help me become healthier. You have to eat before you take it, so I will have to start eating breakfast. As a rule I have never been big on breakfast, except for the occasional trip to the buffet at 10Am on a Sunday. But now I will have to start my day with a bowl of cereal, or a slice of toast. They say that eating breakfast helps your metabolisim.... we will see. So after having a bowl of Cheerios, we took our first pill. No magical puff of blue smoke, no choir of angels singing... no immediate wide awake nightmares. Not that I expected anything, the way this works os to ramp the medication up intop your body slowly.
Throughout the day I did seem to notice a lessened craving, but that could be more psychological than anything. Also signed up at the Chantix web site for daily e-mails and a phone call... wow I am committed to this!

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